About Us

At ARI we are committed to helping organisations reduce assaults on employees from anxious, frightened or aggressive service users, or customers, through our range of assault reduction offerings. Violence and aggression is a complex risk that demands a strategic approach to it’s management.

ARI builds on the pioneering work of the World Health Organisation in following the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary approach to managing this complex risk. Using Maybo’s market leading conflict management and physical interventions training programmes ARI focuses on helping front line staff with recognising primary controls. Offering proven and effective communication strategies and risk assessment tools to provide secondary controls that focus on prevention rather than management.

Physical interventions though are unfortunately a necessity in the management of violence and aggression across many work settings. These skills form the basis of Assault Reduction International’s tertiary response programmes. Our area of expertise is skills based programme design and learning methodology in the psychomotor domain. Our skill’s programmes combining learning and development theory with contemporary sports science literature, neurology, physiology, psychology and human movement studies.

Our approach to violence risk management is that training should provide staff with an awareness of organisational strategy on reducing the risk of assaults, communications tactics for defusing and calming aggressive behaviours and a tertiary control system for managing situations where physical skills offer staff effective responses to aggressive behaviours and increase employee confidence and morale.

ARI uses highly skilled facilitators with a professional background in assault reduction all of who commit to annual CPD and have many years of experience delivering to at risk staff across a variety of work settings.

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