NHS ALSMS Services

ARI provides specialist security services to NHS organisations requiring the expertise of an NHS Accredited Security Management Specialist to manage the unique security challenges individual hospital sites can bring. The mission and goals of NHS Protect underpin ARI’s service, helping to identify and tackle crime across the National Health Service ensuring clinical excellence is delivered in a safe and secure environment.

Our bespoke Security Management solution is tailored to your needs. A thorough assessment of risk, and threat, to the organisation underpins the development of your risk profile. Robust controls mitigate and manage such risks through implementation of effective Policy, Procedure and Practice.

ARI can support Trusts through the following services



Consultancy Services

  • Security Management Consultancy – providing practical help and advice to enable organisations to develop robust risk profiles

  • Security Audits – ensuring that processes, procedures and policies meet current legislation and are robust in the every changing security climate

  • Security Risk/Threat Assessments – ensuring that security risks are managed in conjunction with organisational management practices and updated to reflect organisational changes



Management Services

  • Lockdown solutions – review of current Lockdown procedures and ensure that they are robust and legislative requirements

  • Counter Fraud and Loss Prevention – to ensure that organisations are protected against internal and external fraud

  • Security Systems – ensuring that current CCTV systems and access control systems are fit for purpose and meet Home Office standards



Training provision

  • Assault reduction training packages

  • Security Practitioner Qualification – an industry recognised qualification providing additional support and knowledge for staff who carryout security duties

  • Criminal Justice Immigration Act 2008 Training



Manned Guarding Services

  • Contract Management –managing manned guarding contracts

  • Manned Guarding Provision – ensuring that organisations have the correct level and fully trained security staff in place to mitigate risk


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