Physical Intervention

Physical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely. Depending on the risks faced in the job this can involve anything from avoidance and disengagement skills through to rescue, escorting and holding skills. ARI delivers the unique Maybo physical skills programme that is simple and effective yet lower in risk for the staff using them and the individuals to whom they are applied. The nonaggressive skills help to calm a situation, as they do not use pain to seek compliance. Based on simple yet powerful principles men and women confidently apply these skills in a range of environments to protect themselves, their colleagues and service users/customers.

Importantly PI training also examines medical implications and legal advice on the use of force. PI training at every level reinforces the need to utilise non physical strategies as far as practicable, with physical intervention being a last resort. The programme will be based on the level of risk, employee and service user considerations and typical problems experienced. It will generally be split as follows:

  • Assault reduction: Employees will learn how to reduce the risks of assault through their positioning and approach.
  • Disengagement: They will then learn how to disengage from the most common types of ‘gripping and grabbing’ assault they might face.
  • Rescue: This can extend to coming to the aid of another person be they customers, service users or colleagues.
  • Escorting and Holding: Staff will explore non restrictive guiding skills for less turbulent situations up to secure escorting and holding skills that help to protect staff and avoid pain or discomfort for the individual. Such techniques may be required in a variety of frontline roles.
  • Additional Holding: In some high risk settings the need for more secure holding skills may demand skills ‘commensurate’ with holding an individual on the ground.
  • Mechanical Restraint: for roles where additional support is needed by using handcuffs or an emergency restraint belt (ERB), ARI can provide Maybo’s mechanical restraint training.

All the skills ARI delivers have undergone expert medical review.

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