Conflict Management

In a survey of over 5000 safety representatives the TUC has identified workplace violence to be the fastest growing health and safety concern and ranked as one of the top five workplace hazards. Work related violence has serious consequences for employees, service users and the organisation, the HSE emphasing that it can lead to anxiety and stress and even long-term psychological harm.

Employees providing education, care or support to adults and children can face difficult and challenging behaviour. In some care settings a quarter of staff are assaulted in any one year. There are many facets to consider: staff often fear assault, or criticism and yet they are also concerned for the safety and well being of vulnerable service users.

There is a moral and business case for action. In the NHS alone the National Audit Office puts a “conservative estimate” on the cost of workplace violence at £173m. The true cost is greater when lost confidence, reduced performance and staff turnover is considered. Many factors influence levels of conflict and assault and, in some settings, the use of restraint. ARI helps employers reduce these, contributing to a safer and more positive environment for staff and service users.

The Maybo training delivered by ARI focuses on personal safety and conflict resolution in your working environment, we have specific courses for security, care, work and children’s services. The training will give staff the confidence and practical skills they need to reduce risk to themselves, their customers and service users and to their organisation.

The learning includes: health and safety responsibilities; employer policy and guidance; identifying flashpoints; proactive service delivery; risk reduction; verbal and non-verbal communication; calming skills; managing incidents and post-incident considerations.

ARI tailors the learning to integrate with organisational policy and guidance and to meet the different needs of staff at risk such as:

  • Lone workers: Safer working practices and communications whether working alone at your premises or working and travelling within the community.
  • Customer service: Enhancing service delivery and addressing root causes of frustration and conflict.
  • Telephone conflict: Dealing with angry or distressed callers and delivering difficult messages over the phone.
  • Enforcement: Delivering bad news and being firm when needed in a professional and safer way.
  • Security functions: Meeting the needs of contract and in-house security professionals and staff that have security aspects to their role. This can include looking at the least confrontational method of searching.

ARI can deliver the following tailored Maybo programmes in SAFERchildren, SAFERhealthcare , SAFERcare and SAFERwork.

Maybo SAFERchildren    Maybo SAFERhealthcare
Maybo SAFERcare    Maybo SAFERwork
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